ashok dutta Ashok is a founding partner of the firm Studio Decode. He has been actively investigating coalescing between design, construction, sustainable thinking and computing in architecture. Ashok is interested in integrating technologies and production processes which allow for a better informed design and a more controlled process of construction. He has delivered several lectures in conventions and institutions around the country. He holds a Masters in Informatics and Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York and Bachelor of Architecture from B. M. S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India. He has also been a visiting Professor at Architecture Colleges such as B. M. S. College of Engineering and R. V. College of Engineering at Bangalore.

Prior to founding Studio Decode Ashok has worked at Gehry Technologies in the office of Frank Gehry in the area of building information technology and in the technology solutions department at Clough Harbour and Associated in the application of CAD technologies in construction.

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